Spring 2024 update

Little Sidney hand knitted in pure Shetland wool

Some new teddy bears and frogs seeking new homes

Yeah! Almost the end of hibernation!!

With Spring just around the corner, many creatures are just beginning to stir from their Winter slumber.

Among them are some beautiful teddy bears, made from rare breed sheep’s wool.

As the weather is not yet warm enough, some of these have their own scarves or waistcoats for extra protection against the elements.

It’s a little-known fact, but many UK frogs also hibernate, often in disused burrows of small mammals. These frogs, too, will be hop(p)ing for warmer weather soon!

So, why not give one of these lovely creatures a new home? All are made from UK rare-breed sheep’s wool, which is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

There is no mass production here; just individual designs made by hand with much love and attention to detail.

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