Simply made to hug…
Our new range of teddies are on the way and Cuthbert (you can find him below) is our first to be available!

The adorable Cuthbert is hard to resist! He is a very special bear hand crocheted from a mix of Cheviot, Texel and Zwartbles wool, these are all rare breeds of sheep. The wool comes from Grimsay, North Uist one of a remote group of Islands forming the Outer Hebrides off the North West coast of Scotland. The wool produced here is all from sheep born, raised, clipped and the wool is washed, carded and spun on the Island.

Our new range of bears will all be made from different blends of the wool produced here.

Cuthbert’s lovely colouring is creamy white from the Cheviot and Texel wool with irregular flecks and streaks of dark Zwartbles blended during carding. He is gorgeous and so different!

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