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Pure Wool Teddy Bears

Working from a little village in West Sussex, I hand knit small numbers of teddy bears ( and cute animals ) all being made using hand spun wool from rare breed sheep sourced within the UK. Sadly many of these sheep breeds are now disappearing and some are close to extinction. So each little bear is really quite special.

I spin my sheep fleeces by hand on a traditional spinning wheel and always hand spin straight from the raw fleece, reflecting the many different natural colours and distinctive wool types, from the hardy, water-repellant near-black Hebridean to the soft wool of the distinctively coloured Jacob.

The sheep range from the tiny seaweed eating North Ronaldsay to the huge Wensleydale with its long, silky fleece and I source my fleeces from the Shetland Isles, Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales, the Welsh hills and, of course, here on the South Downs.

Each bear is entirely hand made, from selecting the fleece, to spinning the wool and hand knitting the finished very huggable little bear.

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