After being contacted by a lovely lady, Zoe, who breeds the most beautiful Ryeland sheep, wondering if we could make a bear from her own wool. Of course the answer was yes! Zoe sent some of her lovely coloured Ryeland Aran wool along with a fleece from one of her very special rams.

Zoe’s Aran wool was lovely to work with and has made the most gorgeous bear. The fleece is also absolutely beautiful, probably the best quality fleece I have ever used and the different natural tones throughout the fleece are amazing.

Usually I carefully hand card the wool before hand spinning into a smooth yarn. With Zoe’s wool I have spun straight from the raw fleece, no carding at all, making a lovely soft yarn – perfect for a really hand made look and great for making teddy bears too!

So a huge thank you to Zoe for contacting me and telling me about her lovely sheep, supplying me with her lovely fleece and wool for making some really cuddly teddy bears!

Find out more about Zoe’s beautiful Ryelands on her website – http://fairfax-ryelands.co.uk

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