Unique and rare, the Boreray is the most rare of all British sheep being descendants of the now extinct Scottish Tan Face.

Found living feral on the remote Scottish Island of Boreray. In recent years a small number of these sheep were taken off the island and the descendants of that small group are now registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. They are classified as being critically endangered so I am very lucky to have some of their wool to make the bears.

Being a small, short tailed breed which sheds its fleece naturally, most Borerays are a creamy white/fawn colour with various black, tan or speckled markings on the face and legs – really attractive little sheep.

Boreray wool is fairly similar to North Ronaldsay and can be slightly course, not the best choice for children’s teddy bears but ideal if you need a bear for the man in your life!

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