These little Aardvarks will definitely bring a smile when you see them!

The most adorable little woolly Aardvarks measuring a very cute 4 inches in height – just the right size to carry with you in a pocket or bag. These little ones are hand knitted using pure Shetland wool and have hand stitched wool felt paw pads – so cute and so different!!
With gorgeous big aardvark ears and charming expressions they are sure to capture your heart. Some of these little aardvarks also come wearing uniquely coloured pure wool jumpers (removable).

bLavender aardvarks are also available – their little tummies are filled with the finest, most fragrant organic French lavender flowers.
These fragrant little aardvarks make great gifts, or if you are feeling a little stressed, one of these friendly little characters would be quite happy to reside under your pillow to promote a relaxing night’s sleep.

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