The isolated Orkney Island of Auskerry is home to some very special North Ronaldsay sheep who thrive on the Island eating their favourite food – seaweed! They wander along the pebble beaches to eat the weed washed up twice-a-day by the tide and in summer they also feast on the wild flowers and grasses that grow inland.
These North Ronaldsay sheep are one of only two flocks left in Orkney and they live a completely natural life in a beautiful place – resulting in the purest wool, free from chemicals, free from stress and completely sustainable.
Their unique fleeces are marked with a range of colours from caramel to black and creamy silver to dark grey. The yarn they produce is also amazingly soft and fine.
These special North Ronaldsay sheep are bred by Teresa and her family who are proud to hand-shear their sheep the traditional way, out in the fields, so they are not stressed by the noise of engines and the modern mechanical sheep-clippers used in sheds. They love the chance to spend time with each animal, enjoying the colour variations of each individual fleece, and taking time to check the health of their flock too.
I am so excited to be using this very special wool for my teddy bears using both the natural wool colours and also the uniquely hand dyed wool too.

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