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Little Scraps Teddy Bears

Our new range of Little Scraps teddy bears are hand knitted from the rare breed wool left over from making our larger bears. Having a stash basket of smaller amounts of our hand spun wool and needing a good use for it, Little Scraps seemed the obvious solution!

These adorable little characters, measuring just 5.5 inches, are all as carefully hand knitted as our larger teddy bears.

These little ones have adorable expressions, which are carefully hand embroidered, giving them a real hand made rustic appeal and ideal as they are also safe for young children as well as an irresistibly cute companion for any adult bear lover!

Take a look at our new range of Little Scraps as we will be regularly adding new bears as they are knitted.

Each one is a one-of-a-kind creation and is available immediately.

*If you are waiting for the next one of these cute little bears to be available, why not contact us? We are always happy to custom make one for you from your choice of any of the rare breed wool types – see “Meet The Sheep” for ideas.*