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Teddy Bear Clothes

Treat your little bear to a unique and stylish woolly jumper or even a complete outfit!

Here you can find Tanya’s collection of beautifully hand knitted teddy bear jumpers. They range in size to fit all types of bear from 5.5 inches to 6.5inches and larger bears 7.5inches to 10inches. The sizes do depend on the build of your bear so if you would like exact measurements, for a perfect fit, please do contact us.

Tanya’s woolly jumpers look great on all types of bear including our knitted bears and rabbits – antique old teds look great in them too!

You can find complete little outfits for the Pocket Bears here too.

Anyone who has one of my little Pocket Bears will know that their clothes are all removable allowing you to update your bear’s wardrobe at any time. To compliment the Pocket Bears I have especially designed cute little outfits comprising of a woolly hat, jumper, trousers and little boots.