Hand Dyed Wool

The hand dyed wool used for the bears is chosen for its unique and bespoke colour combinations.

Two of my favourite yarns are “The Croft – Shetland tweed wool” produced from 100% Shetland Island wool, this world renowned fleece is hand dyed and produces a stunning and unique yarn and each of the colourways are named after a location on the Shetland Islands and reflect the beauty and rich landscape.

I also use Westcountry Tweed, a lovely slightly felted tweedy yarn. The wool for this is very special – the base is from a Shetland ewe crossed with either a Teeswater or Romney ram, so it is very soft and lustrous.

The sheep come from a single farm in the Mendip Hills of Somerset, combined with a little Black Welsh Mountain wool from a small flock in Devon.

These wool types are blended to a subtle pale grey, washed together and then hand dyed before carding. A scattering of coloured neps (tiny balls of wool dyed in many colours) are added to the carded wool before spinning. The coloured shades reflect the moorland landscape – beautiful!

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