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Swaledale sheep

The Swaledale is a breed named after the Yorkshire valley of Swaledale. They are found throughout the more mountainous areas of Great Britain, but particularly in County Durham, Yorkshire, and the lower fells of Cumbria. Swaledales are noted for their off-white wool and curled horns.

Well suited to the exposed regions in which they predominantly live, the Swaledales are hardy, thick coated, able bodied, and bold. The ewes make excellent mothers and are known for being able to rear lambs well, even in adverse conditions. They are of a medium build, with black faces, marked with white, and both males and females grow curled horns. Their fleeces are thick, straight, and sometimes just a little coarse.

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Felix the cat having fun in his favourate tree

Felix knitted in pure Swaledale and Marsham wool *SOLD*

Size: 8 in (20 cm) Felix is a cat who loves to explore and is often found climbing trees where he ..


Hand spun from a mix of Swaledale and Marsham rare breed wool.

Marled Hand Spun Rare Breed Wool - sold

Our lovely marled hand spun yarn is made from Swaledale (a very light grey) and Marsham (the darker..


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