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Feeling A Little Lost

Little Merrythought bear enjoying the view from his deckchair

Along with the well known big names of the early teddy bear manufacturers, we have some lovely old bears who are feeling a little lost, as they are without names. A great many early bears have to be classified as "maker unknown" because few of the early companies went in for labels, and just to make things harder, the boom years of the 1900's saw a great many short-lived firms come and go. 

But how are these poor bears supposed to keep any sense of identity if they don't know their makers! Well, it's not as bad as all that. While there is considerable variety among early bears, most of them do have distinctive looks. They may be in the style popularized by a particular maker - a triangular face, big ears and narrow body, or a more traditional style with a round head, short muzzle, long body, straight limbs and small feet. Most bears can at least be tracked down to their country of origin, whether English, German, American, etc.

In any case, we tell these bears that, a bear is a bear, and true bear-lovers will value them anyway, and see the wonderful old characters that they truly are.

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The very cute little Henry

The Very Cute Little Henry

Henry is the cutest little bear dating to between 1950/60. He is an English bear and is in such good..


Sweet 1940/50 Chad valley Teddy Bear

Damelza - 1940/50s English poss Chad

We are just knitting Demelza an outfit so details to follow soon......




We are just knitting Archibald a jumper so details to follow soon......


Sweet Little Cedric, a 1950s Vintage Teddy Bear

Cedric, just 8 inches and over 60 years old.

A sweet little bear who is over 60 years old (1950s). Cedric loves steam trains and hopes one day to..


Sweet 1940s Teddy Bear

Albert, a lovely old character worn in all the right places!

We are just knitting Albert a jumper so details to follow soon......


Sweet little English bear in lovely condition

Sweet little English bear dating to 1950 *SOLD*

Little Ted is an English vintage bear dating to 1950 with the most adorable expression. He measures ..


Thomas, an exceptionally handsome dear old bear

Thomas, dating to 1930, is an exceptionally handsome dear old bear *SOLD*

Thomas, dating to 1930, has a wonderful old bear slumpy pose and he sits with a lovely comfy slouch!..




We are just knitting Rouskin a jumper so details to follow soon......


Lovely old Mittens dating to 1910/20

Mittens, a little old soldier measuring just 9 inches *SOLD*

Mittens has just arrived with us, bless him, he has many war wounds to his feet and paws all of whic..


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