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Thomas, dating to 1930, is an exceptionally handsome dear old bear *SOLD*

Thomas, dating to 1930, has a wonderful old bear slumpy pose and he sits with a lovely comfy slouch!

The exceptionally handsome Thomas, who loves trains by the way, is a real old boy of a bear. He is around 87 years old and he has the most wonderful look about him that every old bear should have! He is an impressive 20 inches so, makes a real statement sitting rather comfortably on a cosy sofa or guest room bed.

Thomas is a five-way jointed old bear and all his joints move well. He has a good all over coverage of light blonde coloured mohair with just a few bald areas on his front and the top of his arms where he has been hugged and carried - this just adds to his charm!

Thomas' paws are all covered in their original cotton cloth material and his left paw pad and right foot pad have been giving some very neat, lovingly darned stitches over the years. He has kept a few of his original black claw stitching. Thomas is filled softly with kapok in his body, making him a very cuddly bear, and wood wool to his head. He still has perfect eyesight with his beautiful original clear glass eyes and has his original nose and mouth stitching.

Thomas is a wonderful old bear and is waiting patiently to be adopted.

Thomas, dating to 1930, is an exceptionally handsome dear old bear *SOLD*

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