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Pure Wensleydale Wool Rhino *SOLD*

Size: 9 in (23 cm)

There are three species of Asian rhino, the greater one horned rhino (classed as vulnerable), the Javan rhino (now critically endangered) and the Sumatran rhino (also critically endangered). Having once roamed across most of Asia, they are now found in just five countries.

Asian rhinos have a more armoured look than their counterparts in Africa, because of all the folds in their skin. Despite their hefty appearance, Asian rhinos are excellent swimmers and can easily swim across rivers. They are vegetarians, grazing on tall grasses, shrubs, leaves and some fruits. The greater one-horned rhino and the Javan rhino only have one horn, while the Sumatran has two.

The main threats to Asian rhinos are from poaching for their horns and loss of habitat, which are major threats to rhino populations. The continued clearance of land for human settlement and agricultural production, logging (authorised and illegal) are the causes of habitat destruction, a major barrier for rhino numbers to recover and increase.

In the case of the Sumatran rhino habitat loss has been a major factor in rhino numbers declining. Sumatran rhinos are now highly fragmented from each other, decreasing the chances of breeding and recovering their numbers even more. 

Our sweet little rhino, hand knitted in soft Wensleydale wool, is looking for a new home where he will feel safe!!

Our rhinos are very keen for you to know that they have glass eyes. Although very beautiful and hand made, these eyes can be dangerous for babies and small children. We are always happy to embroider the eyes for you so please remember to select this option when ordering.

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Pure Wensleydale Wool Rhino *SOLD*

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