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Pure North Ronaldsay Wool Warthog *SOLD*

Size: 9 in (23 cm)

Warthogs are not really an endangered species but we thought we would make one from our slightly hairy North Ronaldsay wool - ideal for a bristly warthog. Knitting warts was a new experience!!

Warthogs are members of the same family as domestic pigs, but present a much different appearance. These sturdy hogs are not among the world's most aesthetically pleasing animals—their large, flat heads are covered with "warts," which are actually protective bumps. Warthogs also sport four sharp tusks. They are mostly bald, but they do have some sparse hair and a thicker mane on their backs.

Though warthogs appear ferocious, they are basically grazers. They eat grasses and plants, and also use their snouts to dig or "root" for roots or bulbs. When startled or threatened, warthogs can be surprisingly fast, running at speeds of up to 30 miles (48 kilometers) an hour.

Warthogs are adaptable and are able to go long periods without water, as much as several months in the dry season.

When water is available, warthogs will seek it and often submerge to cool down. They will also wallow in mud for the same purpose—and to gain relief from insects. Birds also aid these hogs in their battle with insects, riding along on their warthog hosts, feeding on the tiny creatures invading their hides.

These African hogs often utilize empty dens created by aardvarks. Rather than fight, they often choose flight, and search for such a den to use as a hidey-hole. They typically back in, using their tusks to effectively guard the entrance.

Our warthogs are very keen for you to know that they have glass eyes. Although very beautiful and hand made, these eyes can be dangerous for babies and small children. We are always happy to embroider the eyes for you so please remember to select this option when ordering.

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Pure North Ronaldsay Wool Warthog *SOLD*

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