Our little bears are all hand knitted to order so please order early in time for Christmas! Our lead time is currently 4 weeks.

About Us

From a little village in West Sussex, The Knitted Bear Company produces small numbers of hand knitted bears. All being made using hand spun wool from rare breed sheep sourced within the UK. We aim to promote the rare breeds whilst using a low impact environmentally sustainable natural product. The little bears and bunnies are all limited editions and all colours are from the natural undyed fleece.

Each bear is entirely hand made, from selecting the fleece to the finished very huggable bear.

Your bear's journey :-

We source our fleeces from rare breed farmers and smallholders from within the UK, supporting their businesses and bringing awareness to the endangered British sheep breeds.  This helps keep centuries old traditions alive, using natural sustainable wool rather than man made fibres.

Our fleeces are then spun, by hand on a tradtional spinning wheel, usually the high quality fleeces do not need carding. The wool is wound into skeins to be gently hand washed and hung out to dry before being made up into balls ready for knitting.

The next stage is hand knitting using our own unique pattern designs. Your bear will be made using four double ended kneedles creating bear parts with no unsightly seams and plenty of shaping to body and paws.

Once knitted, your bear will be filled with carefully prepared wool or, for children's bears, our hypoallergenic filling, and hand sewn together.

The little bear's face will now be created by hand, each bear will have a slightly different expression making him totally unique.

Your finished bear will now be trained for an hour to get him into his gift box, with a snack prepared for his journey. He will be ready to arrive at his new home complete with gift card, swing tag containing his details and care instructions.

Our bears are photographed on location in West Sussex.